Tecta provide advice and guidance on choosing the right solution for the right environment. 

With access to leading manufacturers and suppliers, we are able to choose the best suited product and design to suit your needs.

 Historically, access control was installed in high security areas for banks, military bases and government offices, now door access control and key-less entry is rapidly increasing in demand. Homes and businesses are specifying access control systems as the price of deployment is no longer prohibitive, this makes access control an affordable addition to any security system.

 There are various access control systems available, each one has it own capabilities and limitations. At Tecta we pride ourselves on being able to offer various solutions, providing options and advice allowing you to make an informed decision on the right solution for you.

Access control can be fully integrated with door entry and CCTV.

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· full on software integration

· time and attendance

· record logs

· access tokens

· swipe cards

· cutting-edge biometrics